I have always been a grounding and connecting force to many people around me. Someone who people often turn to for encouragement, even when I was a young girl. 

Now that I’ve fully stepped into my role as a coach, it makes perfect sense that I would have found this meaningful work, but it was a windy path that led me here, as it often goes.

Before I found coaching, I found a lot of almosts.

Paths that almost fit, work that I almost loved and that was almost fulfilling. But as we all know, almost is not it, so I was often left with divine discontent, one of my favorite phrases that describes the unpleasantness of feeling dissatisfied, but with the motivation to keep searching for more.

In 2015 I began my entrepreneurial journey. I quit my under-challenging job and started my own business, and I have never been happier. Working with clients independently brings me so much joy and fulfillment. Being an entrepreneur also provides the lifestyle that suits my energy and values, where I can do yoga and go for walks on the trails during the day to take care of myself, while setting and achieving my work priorities in a way that works for me.

I am now based in Fort Collins, Colorado where I love getting into the mountains as much as possible. I have started and run a successful professional organizing business and a popular event planning business. Owning these businesses helped me find my passion for coaching because I realized how much I enjoyed building one-on-one relationships with my clients. I also use this experience to offer coaching and consulting for young women who are interested in starting their own entrepreneurial ventures.

Before starting out on my own, I lived in New York City, working in fashion design for Ralph Lauren and Tory Burch. Although I have had lucrative jobs over the years, I always felt like something was missing. Once I found coaching and began working with clients and writing about personal growth, there was no doubt in my mind that this work would make me feel whole. That’s exactly what I help clients with now. Finding their life purpose, defining their values, and creating the life that lights them up and feeds their soul.

When I’m not coaching, leading a workshop, or writing, you can find me outside and taking advantage of Colorado living. I’m often hiking, skiing, and cooking with my soon-to-be husband, Michael, and our sweet rescue beagador pup, Rider.

Coach Marissa Chastain, CPCC

Education & Training

CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) Certification. Completion Date: 1/2019

ACC (Associate Certified Coach) Certification in progress. Completion Date: 1/2020

B.A. Art History, University of Colorado at Boulder

200HR RYT Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher from Kindness Yoga in Denver, Colorado