30 Things To Commit To In Your 30's

What i’m taking into my 30’s

I turned thirty over seven months ago and honestly, it’s been my best year yet. Our thirties are a powerful time. They are a time when we have some life experience under our belt, but a time when we also have so much to look forward to. Most things are still possible, but we are starting to know and trust more of what is actually right for us. We are learning to listen to ourselves. Trust ourselves. Let’s be determined to maximize this decade, which includes making some conscious commitments to how we take care of ourselves, how we navigate our careers and finances, how we show up in relationships, and how we continue to grow personally. Here are 30 things to commit to in your 30’s to make this decade the most fulfilling one yet:

30 Things to commit to in your 30’s
  1. Take care of your skin

  2. Invest in yourself

  3. Set concrete goals

  4. Stay informed on current affairs

  5. Contribute to your community

  6. Learn to say “no”

  7. Eat well and use food to nourish (not punish) your body

  8. Pick a partner who cherishes you

  9. Have an accountant (unless you are one or are super financially savvy)

  10. See a new part of the world each year

  11. Set boundaries regularly with family, friends, romantic partners, and colleagues

  12. Get rid of clutter that is no longer valuable to you

  13. Establish a consistent exercise routine

  14. Find a way to manage stress that works for you (get outside, meditate, journal)

  15. Get clear on whether or not you want to get married if you aren’t already

  16. Get clear on whether or not you want to have children if you don’t have them already

  17. Work through the past and get professional help from a coach or a therapist if you need it to be able to move forward and let go of anything holding you back

  18. Cultivate a practice of gratitude - write down what you’re grateful for and pause to notice what you’re grateful for daily

  19. Cut out toxic relationships

  20. Define your personal style and wear clothes that make you feel like you’re in your own (best) skin

  21. Read the classics - set a goal of reading one classic novel per year

  22. Make a plan to pay off any debt

  23. If you want to go back to school, now is the time. Decide and apply

  24. Life is short, tell people how much they mean to you

  25. Learn to stick to a budget and live within your means

  26. Continue to learn new skills

  27. Get comfortable doing things alone - going out to eat, going to a movie, traveling

  28. Take risks and explore outside of your comfort zone regularly

  29. Allow yourself to keep dreaming

  30. Love yourself

Cheers to our sweet 30’s, my friends.