5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity! 

Whether you are working long hours behind a desk all day, busy as a mom or as a spouse, or simply dealing with whatever else life throws your way, it can be really challenging to find time in your schedule, especially daily, to foster your creative self. Being creative doesn’t have to mean being artistic (although it certainly can!). Creativity can come in so many forms, but at the core of it is just doing something that uses your imagination and stimulates you. That could mean, writing, drawing, knitting, decorating, styling, or any other pursuit that gets your creative juices flowing. If you have been itching to get started on a creative project or are just in a creative slump, try these 5 simple tips to boost your creativity.

Morning Free Write

5 Ways to Boost your creativity! 

Instead of reaching for your phone to check Instagram right when you open your eyes, capitalize on being fresh and ready to go each morning with this exercise. Morning is often a productivity peak for many people, so try taking even just ten minutes with your cup of coffee to sit at the table or at your desk and just write. You can write in a journal, on a notepad, or even on your computer. Set a timer and just write whatever comes to mind for ten minutes. You might be surprised about the clarity you get from making yourself think this way each morning. It’s also a great way to warm up before you continue onto other creative projects.


It’s hard to focus on your own imagination when you are getting bombarded with images and information from your phone, computer and TV. Try unplugging, whether that be for as little as 10 minutes a day or as much as an entire weekend off. Notice when you don’t have Netflix on in the background, or aren’t scrolling through Facebook while you relax, that you have more opportunity to not only be with your own thoughts, but also the time you spend on social media and technology could instead be used to do something more inspiring.

Clear Your Workspace

How can you be creative if you don’t have the space to spread out? You can’t! Before your start a project or even just as a daily habit, clean off your workspace. Try to keep as little as possible actually on your desk or table, so you have plenty of elbow room to create.

Go for a Walk

Exercise encourages creativity and reduces stress, as we all know. If you’re feeling uninspired or in a slump at home or at work, step outside! Go for a stroll, notice the colors and sounds around you, and clear your head to let new thoughts come in. I sometimes have to stop when I’m hiking to write an idea down in my phone because things often come to me when I’m out in nature and being active. Give it a try!

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

There are few things in life better than a good night’s sleep. Stress, fatigue and exhaustion all inhibit creativity from flowing. So put on fresh sheets, close your blinds, smell some relaxing lavender essential oil, and try to tuck in for at least 8 solid hours. In the morning you will feel the benefit of being well-rested and can think more clearly.

I hope these tips help you get that little extra boost to being more creative in your daily life because without creativity, life is a lot less interesting.

I originally wrote this article for Denver Style Magazine if you want to see it there.