A Life Coach's Favorite Podcasts

A life coach's favorite podcasts - you'll want to give these a listen! 

I am an avid podcast listener. I listen to several different podcasts while I go about my day doing things like brushing my teeth, making my breakfast, cleaning, walking in the park and driving. I find podcasts to be such a wonderful source of information, and I notice I am able to listen to them frequently because I can multitask while they're playing through my headphones. Some of my favorite podcasts are great for getting the daily news, some are inspiring for personal development work, and others are exactly what I want to hear while I'm unwinding in a bubblebath. While I always listen to new shows, I do have some go-tos that I come back to regularly because I find their content to be so valuable. If you are already a enthusiast, or looking to get into podcasts for the first time, give these a listen.

For Staying In the Know

The Daily

This is the New York Times' morning podcast. Typically 20 minutes long, this podcast is released 5 days a week and is hosted by Michael Barbaro, who is an unobtrusive but highly likable and thoughtful host. It's a great way to get a little depth into a breaking story, and generally keep up with current events.

Up First

Very similar to The Daily, Up First is NPR's short morning podcast. Only 10 minutes long, I like to listen to both to start my day, so I feel like I've gotten a taste of what's going on in the world, all within a half an hour. 


For Navigating Life's Ups and Downs

Dear Sugars

a life coach's favorite podcasts - listen and get inspired

Cheryl Strayed is one of my heroes, so I love listening to her on a podcast with her co-host, Steve Almond. They offer what they proclaim as "radically empathic advice" to anonymous letters submitted about a myriad of topics and struggles in life like drug addiction, sexuality, navigating conflict, and everything in between. It's raw, wise, and worth a listen.

Almost 30 Podcast

This one is mixed for me. To be honest, I find the podcasts to be too long, (sometimes up to 2 hours!), and the hosts ramble for too long in the beginning about things unrelated to the topic that I personally have a hard time connecting with, and they do super long advertisement segments that feel like very heavy product promotion. Having said all of that, they have some incredible guests and that's why I still tune in! I suggest just reading the episode description to see if the guest interests you before you commit to listening to this one.

The Mindful Kind

This is a sweet little podcast, usually under 10 minutes or so, that is a lovely Australian woman, Rachael Kable, sharing insight and tips for meditation, wellness, and general mindful living. It's a nice little reminder in the day to slow down and centered.

For Living the Entrepreneurial Life

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

The Lavendaire Lifestyle is a podcast on personal growth and lifestyle design. Hosted by YouTuber and entrepreneur Aileen Xu, this podcast shares weekly inspiration on how to create your dream life and has great guests who work in creative fields. 

How I Built This with Guy Raz

There is something really inspiring about hearing how highly successful companies started with very humble roots. In this podcast, host Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies like Starbucks and Warby Parker, Cliff Bar (you get the point), from the early days to the household names they are now.

Blogging Your Passion with Jonathan Milligan

For those of you who are toying with the idea of starting a blog or for those of you who are already actively blogging, this podcast is a great resource. Listening to Blogging Your Passion is a great way to get ideas for creating content for your blog, as well as for the more technical aspects of designing, hosting and monetizing it. 

For Improving Your Money Relationship

Art of Abundance with Leisa Peterson

Leisa Peterson is a business and money coach who speaks about creating abundance in all aspects of life. She has great interview with leaders in a variety of fields and shares great wisdom about how to move beyond limitations with your finances and to instead build a healthy and thriving relationship with money.

Optimal Finance Daily

This podcast is a narration of financial blogs from a variety of sources, and it's great because they are short, digestible doses of financial wisdom on a ton of different money topics from a lot of different authors. If you want an accessibly podcast about finances, this is a great place to start. 

Rich Bitch

Hosted by Angie Lee, Rich Bitch (although I cringe at the word "bitch"), is an engaging podcast about how to monetize your passion. She specializes in helping others grow and scale their online business and build authentic and successful brands. 

For Creativity

Chasing Creative

Chasing Creative is a podcast all about how everyone can add creativity into their lives on a daily basis, which is something I strongly encourage. Prioritizing creativity has a ton of benefits, and this podcast gives you great motivation to start doing so, even if you have very limited time.

Creative Pep Talk

Creative Pep Talk helps you not only pursue your creativity but also build a thriving career in doing so. Hosted by Andy J. Pizza, this show talks about finding your creative gift, developing it, and finding an audience for it. What could be better than that?

For the Soul

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations

If you love Oprah, which I certainly do, then you can't go wrong with this one. If you ever watched this part of her show, the podcast is the same, Oprah sitting down with amazing icons like Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Gretchen Rubin and Brene Brown talking about big ideas.

Modern Love

You might already be familiar with the Modern Love column in The New York Times each week. This is the audio version of the column, with the added bonus that the stories are often read by notable actors, and after the story the reader and the author share what the story means to them for added depth.

This American Life

I can barely wait for a new episode of This American Life to be released each Sunday. This is also the podcast that got me into podcasts in the first place. It is a wonderful show, hosted by Ira Glass (whose voice I adore), and each week is a compilation of a few different stories all curated together around a theme. It's a perfect combination of journalism and storytelling that documents different facets of the human experience. 

With that, I'll leave you to get listening.