Trouble Sleeping? Create a Bedroom Sanctuary for a more Restful Night

Trouble sleeping? Create a bedroom sanctuary for a restful night of sleep every night! Follow these tips from Coach Marissa and turn your bedroom into a peaceful haven.

Sleep is one of the most important things for health, productivity, skin, mental clarity, and mood. There’s nothing worse than a restless night. Stress, hormones, alcohol, and lots of other factors can contribute to our ability to sleep well. Though it can be hard to control all of the factors that ensure a solid night of sleep, one thing you can control is your sleep space. Turn your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary and those sleepless nights are likely to reduce. Follow these tips to create a restful environment and start logging more hours of sleep each night.

1. Banish electronics from the bedroom

This is one to take with a grain of salt, because inevitably you will have some electronics in the bedroom like lights, clocks, fans, etc. but try sleeping without computers, phones or tablets. in the room. My fiancé has trouble sleeping and when we started charging our phones in the living room for the night it helped him go to sleep feeling more relaxed instead of being glued to his Instagram and emails right before he closed his eyes. You’ve probably also heard that the blue light that is emitted from screens can disrupt your sleep, so it’s better to just not invite electronic energy into your sleep space at all.

2. Use an alarm clock instead of your phone

Needing your phone as an alarm is not an excuse to keep it in your bedroom. Alarm clocks are inexpensive and reliable, so there’s no need to use your phone for waking up anymore. I suggest getting an alarm clock that has a dimmer, so you can keep the light from the clock low while you’re sleeping.

3. Choose soothing, cool colors

Colors like red and yellow are active, and can be too stimulating when you are trying to relax. For your bedroom, pick off-whites/creams/ivories, grays, blues, or soft greens. These colors are naturally soothing, and have a coolness to their temperatures. Sticking with more natural colors can be good too for creating a peaceful environment. Think of the colors used in a spa as a guide!

4. Control the light

A big sleep disrupter is change in the light. Try blackout curtains, especially if you have a sunny bedroom. And an added bonus about blackout curtains is they can keep your room cooler, which also helps sleep. There are blackout curtain liners that you can buy and attach to the back of any solid curtains, so you don’t need to be restricted by the color/pattern/texture options you might see online or in stores, you can convert most curtain (Except for sheer) to be blackout.

Beyond being able to block too much natural light, it’s also important to have a range of lighting for reading, getting dressed, etc. Make sure you have lamps for softer light so you don't always have to have the big overhead lights turned on. Having lower light as you are transitioning to bedtime can help relax you. Just make sure you have enough light for your eyes to read!

5. Keep up the air quality

It’s important to be able to breathe well while you sleep, and to keep your body temperature regulated. Air out your room regularly by opening the windows, keep a ceiling or floor fan on to circulate air, and if needed consider air conditioning to keep you cool at night. Further enhance the air in any bedroom with an essential oil diffuser. You can diffuse scents like lavender, orange, tea tree, and cedar wood to create a relaxing experience at night and bonus, they smell incredible.

6. Add cozy texture

Are you having trouble sleeping? follow coach marissa's steps to create a bedroom sanctuary for a more restful night

Whether it’s with your duvet, pillows, rug, or some baskets, add texture to the room. This can visually look really cozy and welcoming. Try a braided rug, an embroidered pillow, a linen duvet, or a fuzzy throw to invite a cuddly warmth into your sleep space.

7. Keep clutter at bay

This may be the biggest thing for me personally when it comes to helping my sleep space. How can you be expected to relax and sleep if you are surrounded by dirty clothes, half-read magazines, in-progress projects, or just general chaos in your bedroom? Clear out your space and you will sleep better! Set aside a few hours this week and do a purge. Get rid of any clothes you don’t wear, any books that you started but never finished, any toys that should go in your kids’ rooms, you get the point. For the things that do need to remain in your bedroom, try to reduce visual stimulation and clutter as much as possible by utilizing any storage you have, and keeping loose things in baskets, bins, etc. to keep you room looking streamlined.

8. Clean regularly

After you have organized your bedroom and purged any excess clutter, do a deep clean! Vacuum and wash your sheets, duvet, pillows, and comforter. Wipe down any surfaces, clean your ceiling fan (maybe the worst task) and dust any shelves and nicknacks. Keep on a regular cleaning schedule going forward so your room always feels fresh.

9.  Limited, calming, loving artwork/pictures only

I love family pictures as much as the next gal, but limit the pictures you have in your bedroom to just a few special photos of places you cherish, calming scenes, and ideally just you and your partner as a couple. It doesn’t create a very sexy vibe to have pictures of grandma and the kids next to your bed, and it doesn’t feel relaxing to have a dozen pictures of bright colors or mirrors scattering the walls. Keep the artwork and wall decor in your bedroom limited to help create your best sleep space.

10. Keep the bedroom as a sanctuary for relaxation, sex and of course, sleep

Finally, use the bedroom for what it is intended for - relaxation, sex and sleep. This space should be a sanctuary for you or for you and your partner. If you use it as an office, it will feel like an office. Limit the activity in the room itself for peaceful and loving energy only. Your body will know it's time to drift off into dreamland in the bedroom if that is what you use it for, so protect your sleep haven and sleep better all night.