Make a Resource List and Reignite Your Confidence

Life and career coach Marissa Jacobs shares the powerful tool of making a resource list to reignite your confidence for starting a business, embarking on a new venture, or tackling any new project. 

Often when we are thinking of starting something new, whether that be a new business, a new creative project, or a new pursuit of any kind, it's easy to feel daunted. It can feel like you are entering uncharted territory, which may be true, or uncharted for you at least! Just because that particular venture is new and unknown, that does not mean that you don't take all of your previous experience and resources with you. You are not starting from scratch. So much of your life learnings can apply to such a variety of things. You probably have more experience, skills, contacts and support to apply to this new thing than you may even realize. 

To remind yourself of all of the things you have already built in your life that can serve you in a new undertaking, try making a resource list. You'll be amazed at how confident it can make you feel and you might even be quite surprised at how extensive your list is! 

What is a Resource List?

Life and career coach marissa jacobs provides this helpful tool - make a resource list to reignite your confidence in launching your business or any new pursuit! 

A resource list is exactly that - a list of all of the resources that you have at your disposal that can serve you in whatever it is you are working on. Don't get too caught up in listing things that apply "exactly" to this new project. Just brainstorm away. Here are some questions to get you thinking about what you can add to your resource list:

  • Who do I know who has done this before that I could talk to?
  • Who do I know who could help me with this if I needed it?
  • Who do I know who could cheerlead me when I'm feeling a little unconfident about this project?
  • What are some skills that I have built professionally that can apply here?
  • How is my personality suited for this particular task?
  • What kind of money do I have to invest in this?
  • If physical space is needed, what kind of space can I use for this project?
  • What are some supplies I have or can easily get that I can use for this?
  • What are some of the ways I can take care of myself when I feel discouraged about this new thing? (Think self-care strategies that you want to be able to implement easily). 
  • How can your passion for/interest in this thing serve me?
  • How can my social media platforms enhance this project?
  • What are some books I have or can get easily that will provide me with more information or motivation for this?
  • Are there inspiring/helpful podcasts that I can listen to that could help me with this project?
  • What are some of my innate abilities that make me well-suited for this?

And anything else you can think of! The point of the exercise is to experience the abundance of resources you have in your life that you just hadn't thought of applying to this new thing yet. Don't be modest! Acknowledge all that you have and all that you are (which I know is a lot) that will serve you in whatever you take on in your life. Next time you are embarking on something new, give a resource list a try to feel confident in taking the leap.