5 Self-Care Holiday Gifts

5 self-care holiday gifts for any person on your christmas shopping list

1. The Universe Has Your Back Card Deck

This is my current favorite gift for almost everyone. These cards from spiritual guru, Gabby Bernstein, have inspirational phrases on them, along with beautiful illustrations. I like to close my eyes, sift through the deck, and then pull one out to be my mantra for the day. They are a simple way to bring a little intention and ritual into anyone’s life!

Get the deck on Amazon here.

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2. Journals and pens

Journaling is such a wonderful way to record your thoughts, document your life, and have a creative outlet. For anyone who has a regular journaling practice, this is a great gift, particularly something special like a beautiful pen. For anyone on your list who doesn’t already use journaling as a self-care tool, getting them the tools could be a great incentive for them to start. A fun way to personalize this gift is to write a note or a favorite quote on the inside cover or first page for them.

My favorite journals - Simple, lined, kraft paper journals.

My favorite fancy pen - Tornado by Retro Stainless Pen.

My favorite basic pens - Poppin Signature Ballpoints.

3. Airbnb Gift Card

Sometimes what someone needs most to take care of themselves is a vacation! We all know how expensive it can be to stay in hotels, even just for a single night, so that’s why giving the gift of a night or a weekend away is such a treat. Especially if you don’t know where they would like to go, nowadays you can find and Airbnb pretty much anywhere. Give them the gift of taking a break and getting away!

Get it here.

4. An Essential Oil Diffuser & Oils

Essential oils are trending so much right now, but there is good reason for their popularity. Whether or not you believe in using them as a holistic aid to your health, they can still have wonderful value for self-care! Using essential oils in your bath, in a diffuser, or just keeping one in your purse to smell and take some deep breaths, can be incredibly relaxing! Also, oils can get expensive, especially if you are concerned about getting ones that are pure, organic, or any other quality specifications, so that makes them an even nicer gift! There are all kinds of great starter packs of different essential oils. Some good ones to start with are lavender, tea tree, peppermint, lemongrass, or wild orange.

As for the diffuser, no need to spend a ton. There are plenty of great ones on Amazon, at Target, or at Bed, Bath & Beyond, for around $20. The recipient of this gift will enjoy the aromatherapy treat!

5. Grocery Store Gift Certificate

This one may seem odd, but when we are stressed or overworked, often one of the first things to not get prioritized is eating well. When I was in college and in my first year post-grad living in NYC and working 60+ hours per week, my parents would occasionally send me a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s gift card, maybe $25, and it was oddly the best thing to receive. It allowed me to buy that preprepared food when I was rushed that I really could have made at home or to splurge on the organic tea or a refrigerated probiotic. Let’s face it, eating well is expensive, but such an important thing we do to take care of our bodies. Give someone a little boost to grocery shop and spoil themselves on the good stuff.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 gift ideas. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, health, and well-balanced holiday season! And don’t forget, give yourself the gift of self-care, too.