Spring 2019 Journal Prompts

Spring 2019 Journal Prompts for Creativity.png

Ready to get writing in your journal this spring season? Use these prompts to inspire your reflection and creativity. Happy spring!

How do you know if you are operating from a place of fear? What shifts and becomes available to you when you instead live from a place of trust?

What does it mean to believe in love?

What is at the core of your being? What is it composed of?

Spring 2019 journal prompts for creativity and reflection!

What can you shed from winter to make your spring lighter?

How do you connect to your femininity or masculinity? What does it mean to you to be a woman or a man?

Is there a part of your life or person in your circle who is asking for forgiveness from you? What would it take for you to forgive?

What have been the greatest gifts in your life so far?

What habits do you currently practice or need to add in your routine to become your highest self?

What are you most proud of right now?

What does it look like when you serve from your heart?

How do you want to evolve this season?