Summer 2018 Journal Prompts

Life design coach marissa's summer journal prompts to get your journaling, thinking, reflecting and growing! 

Summer is such a beautiful time for reflection. It’s warmth can make us feel alive and optimistic. This season is full of flowers blooming, picnics, pool days, and fresh fruit. Use this beautiful time to start a journaling practice, if you don’t already have one. If you do already have one, use these questions to keep it going.

Writing is one of the best forms of therapy, and even better, it’s almost completely free! Pick out a beautiful journal that makes you happy to look at and a smooth pen that feels good in your hand. Find a quiet place in your house, on a hike, in a park, or wherever you feel connected to yourself. Pick up that pen, and use these questions to start writing!

Summer 2018 Journal Prompts

What do you need to release right now?


What is your favorite summer memory and why?


What have you achieved so far in 2018?


What do you want to achieve by the end of the year?


What is currently holding you back from living your must full-out life?


Where are your different wisdom centers in your body? How do you get in touch with the knowledge that they can offer you?


What would your dream career be?


What would your ideal office/workspace look like?


What are you current health/fitness/wellness goals? (List at least 3). What are the steps you need to commit to in order to reach them?


What would make you happier in your life?

Coach marissa's summer journal prompts


Who are you when you are your best self?


What’s one area in your life where you could benefit from asking for help from someone? What would it look like to ask them?


What is something you are really glad that you inherited from your parents?


What is your current financial state? How are you feeling about money today? What is one financial goal you are working toward this season?


What’s a mantra you want to incorporate into your life for the rest of the summer? Commit to using it daily, or whenever you feel called to.


What’s an affirmation you need to hear daily right now?