The Joy of Creating

THE joy of creating

Creating something is such an incredibly joyful human experience. There is something that kicks on in me when I am creating something, anything. An aliveness is present that has been resting dormant within my being, waiting for a chance to extend to its full form. Creating can take many forms in our lives. You don’t have to be a craftsmen to create something with your mind and your hands, but can still feel the challenge, inspiration and satisfaction of making something yourself. It’s empowering to see something take shape out of nothing. Here are some of the ways that I create in my life:






wrapping gifts


baking and cooking

organizing a space or implementing a system

planning an event

planning a trip

arranging a bouquet of flowers

. . . just to name a few . . .

What does your list look like? What are all the ways your create in your life?

Make your list to get in touch with all of the ways you are already creative and creating in your life. Highlight or put a star next to 3 that light you up the most. The ones that make you feel like you are in flow, and are lost in the act, completely present. How can you add more of that in your life? How can you make more time to be in that space of creating? Perhaps blocking of “creating time” in your calendar once a week or signing up for a class to get you re-inspired,

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
— Albert Einstein

From Life Design Coach Marissa Jacobs - the joy of creating and unleashing your creative potential to feel empowered to shape your ideal life!

Acknowledge all of the ways that you are a creator in your own life. Remember that if you can take a list of ingredients and make them into a delicious soup, you are creating. Or if you can take paper and ribbon and make a specially wrapped gift, you are creating. Or if you can take words and arrange them into a thoughtful paragraph, you are a beautiful creator.

From this place, this knowledge of your own ability to create, how do you want to use this skill to shape your life? Can you use this exercise to remind you of your power to make things the way you want them?

In my yoga class this evening, the instructor wisely and bluntly said “we all have shit that we will go through in our lives, but it’s up to us to make it into fertilizer.” So take your experiences, your skills, everything that you do in your life, and with the power you already have within you, create a life that serves your deepest desires and your deepest self. Enjoy it.

I’d love to hear the ways you are empowered to create in your life! Email me at to share, or drop a comment on this post.