To Read: The Universe Has Your Back

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When my friend recommended Gabrielle Bernstein’s book to me I must admit, the title immediately hooked me. Yes, The Universe Has Your Back is catchy and intriguing, but what drew me to the book most was that I actually believe that statement. I have developed a deep, spiritual trust in the Universe in my life, and feel that if we do the work, are intentional with our actions, and show up fully, things tend to work out. Are there exceptions to this? Of course. Are there times when I feel defeated and the trust fades or disappears completely? You bet. But in my personal life, and in my beliefs as a coach, I think learning to trust and have faith (not necessarily religiously) that things work out is tremendously powerful and can shape your outlook on life.

Gabrielle bernstein's the universe has your back - why you should add this book to your self help reading list from a life coach who believes in universal trust

Gabrielle Bernstein was a new voice to me, but I now know she has had a big following for a long time. I can see why. Her book is accessible and quick to read, and yet deep and thought-provoking. I actually re-read certain passages several times before I had to return it to the Denver Public Library. I’ve pulled out a few nuggets of wisdom from her that really resonated with me to share with you, (although I encourage you to read the whole book if you’re interested!).

Heal Yourself

Universal Lesson: The pathway to healing occurs when you love yourself so much that the darkness from the past can no longer co-exist with your faith in the light of the present moment.
— page 47

If you beat yourself up about the past, mistakes you’ve made, chances you didn’t take, you remain stuck there, and it’s hard to move forward. When you forgive yourself and love who you have become, the weight of the darkness of your past fades away.

We should be grateful for all situations that make us the most uncomfortable, because without them we would not know there is something unhealed in us.
— Kenneth Wapnick (page 153).

Leaving our comfort zones is so important for success and personal growth, but it also can bring up some of the scary stuff that we don’t want to face. When our doubts and fears rise up, it often means we are pushing ourselves in new ways, and that’s a good thing! It also gives us information about some of those limiting beliefs that might be holding us back.

Your Presence is a Present

Showing up as your whole, true self is not only a gift to you, in that you are living authentically and not holding yourself back, but it’s also a gift to everyone around you. To model being joyful, confident, and true to yourself is a wonderful thing for others to see. It will inspire them to show up the same way, fully. Here are GB’s wonderful musings on presence:

In reality, the more joyful we are, the more light we shine on the world, the more power we have to express our presence, and the more positive energy we put out.
— page 62
Universal Lesson: When you experience someone’s true presence, you’re reminded of your own.
— page 56
Yogi Bhajan, the yoga master who brought the Kundalini teachings to the West, said ‘If your presence doesn’t work, neither will your word.
— page 54

Thoughts = Reality

I would say the biggest takeaway from this book is that what you think and the energy you put out is what comes true in your life, and what you attract back to you. Just like the karma concept, what you put out is important, because it doesn’t just evaporate, it comes full circle and returns.

gabrielle bernstein's the universe has your back - read this book and feel inspired for personal growth! 
There are no ‘idle’ thoughts. All thinking produces form at some level.
— page 53

Be mindful of your thoughts because they are POWERFUL. What you think can manifest, so choose to believe in what you want to attract in your life.

Hard work, passion, and commitment can bring you all the support you need to fulfill your life’s purpose. Certainty of outcome, however, is the secret ingredient. When we are certain, we can relax into a sense of knowing and faith.
— page 98

This is the perfect quote to end on, because if you put in the hours and effort and are working toward something meaningful to you, you will most likely reach your goals and feel like you are building an on-purpose life. However, if you constantly doubt yourself, you will let those little hiccups along the way get under your skin, or when someone doesn’t believe in you it will make you question everything. Having certainty of not only what you want, but also what you are capable of, will allow you to step into your true power, and the Universe will be there waiting.