Coaching with marissa chastain

The aim of my life coaching work is to partner with my clients to build joyful, fulfilling and impactful personal, inter-personal and professional lives.

I am a CPCC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a model that holds ever client as naturally creative, resourceful and whole.


Marissa chastain event services

For over 5 years I have thoughtfully planned events throughout the US from weddings and workshops, to retreats and conferences.

I love to bring people together and create experiences for private as well as corporate clients.


marissa chastain writing blog

On my blog I write regularly about a variety of topics that are important to me including book reviews, personal growth, fostering creativity, mountain living, listening to our hearts, cultivating wellness, goal-setting, entertaining, relationships, mindfulness, yoga, journal prompts, personal style, intentional living & more.