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Best Life Reading List

This list has books about creating a positive relationship with money, getting organized, defining your personal style, personal development and growth, and finding your life purpose.

2019 Summer Journal Prompts from MJC.jpg

2019 Summer Journal Prompts

Let the summer heat get your creative juices flowing! Use these journal prompts to reflect on where you are at the halfway point in the year, and where you want to go.

2018 Spring Journal Prompts.jpeg

2019 Spring Journal Prompts

There is something about the energy that spring brings. While you are airing out your house, cleaning out your closet, and starting to enjoy the warmer weather, use these prompts to keep your writing flow going.

Fall Journal Prompts

2018 Fall Journal Prompts

As the air gets crisper and the leaves start to fall, turn inward and reflect in your journal with my fall prompts.

2018 Winter Journal Prompts

Journaling is one of the most therapeutic practices. Looking for a little inspiration to get writing this winter? I've put together some questions to help you reflect.